Right of withdrawal

Under Decree of 22 May 1999, n. 185 "Implementation of Directive 97/7 / EC on the protection of consumers in respect of distance contracts" have a right of withdrawal under the following conditions (ref. Legislative Decree no. 185 of 22/5/99). The right of withdrawal is exercised only by natural persons acting for purposes not related to their professional activity. The right of withdrawal applies to goods purchased, excluding shipping costs, which make up a service which the consumer has benefited.

To exercise the right of withdrawal is necessary:

or post within 10 days. a registered letter with return receipt to the following address: FUMAGALLI LUCIANO FUMAGALLI LAMPS OF BEATRICE, based in Italy avenue, 8-20094 - Corsico - MI, indicating customer number, order number and description of the lamp which they will exercise the right to withdrawal. Upon receipt of the recommended personnel FUMAGALLI LUCIANO FUMAGALLI LAMPS OF BEATRICE verifies that communication has been submitted within the time allowed and the purchase was made by a natural person and sends an email to the consumer indicating the number of return authorization.

or that the products have not been installed.

or that the products are complete, functioning in their original packaging, complete with all components and accessories. Packages must be undamaged; They must be included all packaging content originally. Lack / breakage of any component of the packaging makes it impossible to exercise the right of withdrawal.

or that the products are made with the same courier who delivered them. Returns are not accepted by the SDA or the Italian Post Office (shipments made by using these transporters are automatically rejected without exception). If UPS in some regions should entrust to the SDA for the last line of delivery does not exclude the return of the product with UPS as the transport takes place on line UPS.

or Returns must be made within 10 days of sending the mail indicating the return authorization number to: FUMAGALLI LUCIANO FUMAGALLI LAMPS OF BEATRICE, based in Italy avenue, 8-20094 - Corsico - MI

or expenses of the return shipping to the consumer. It 'important that the consumer clearly indicates neck authorization number to Rendered. In the absence of such indication the shipment will be rejected. It is encouraged to deliver the packages without affixing any written on them, using the boxes with logo FUMAGALLI LUCIANO FUMAGALLI LAMPS OF BEATRICE for delivery of the same and use of adhesive labels.

or the shipment is under the full responsibility of the consumer.

o The consumer is obliged to send the tracking number of the shipment to the address.

or do not accept parcels with shipping costs borne by FUMAGALLI LUCIANO FUMAGALLI LAMPS OF BEATRICE and / or using our UPS account. The costs of delivery to the consumer rejected the neck are the sole responsibility of the consumer. In case of damage to the product during transport, within 5 days of receipt, the staff FUMAGALLI LUCIANO FUMAGALLI LAMPS OF BEATRICE send communication to the consumer to allow him to open practice of damage to the carrier and get a refund. In the case of products delivered broken the withdrawal request will be canceled. In this sense it is advisable to ensure the shipments made. After 8 days of notification of non-compliance / broken item FUMAGALLI LUCIANO FUMAGALLI LAMPS OF BEATRICE proceed to the disposal of the product if the consumer has not withdraw the product broken / non-conforming. FUMAGALLI LUCIANO FUMAGALLI LAMPS OF BEATRICE not responsible in any way for theft / loss or damage of shipments made without insurance. Following the review by our staff of completeness and integrity of the refund will be made of the cost of returned products. If the item being returned or its packaging does not meet the above conditions the withdrawal will be rejected and sent notice to the consumer, who will proceed to the withdrawal of its request no later than 8 days. After that time the lamp will be disposed of as unfit for sale and the consumer will not benefit in any way against FUMAGALLI LUCIANO FUMAGALLI LAMPS OF BEATRICE. When returning from countries outside the EU all the costs of transportation, customs and VAT are charged to the consumer.

or N.B. There is NO right of withdrawal for items not on this site, but the subject of Vs specific request.