All products marketed by www.fumagallilampadari.it are covered by the manufacturer's standard warranty and the legal guarantee, in accordance with Articles 128 and following of the D. lgs.206 / 2005 'Consumer



It is provided in the manner described in the documentation included in the packaging of the product.




The legal guarantee may be exercised by the consumer, ie any person who buys products for purposes which are outside his trade, business, craft or profession. It does not apply to purchases for which the VAT is indicated in the order form and is then included in the invoice. The legal guarantee period of 24 months after purchase. For lack of conformity means a well:

not suitable for the purposes for which goods of the same type are normally used;
not conform to the description given by the seller or does not possess the qualities of goods which the seller has held out to the consumer as a sample or model;
which does not have the quality and performance which are normal in goods of the same type and which the consumer can reasonably expect, given the nature of the property and, where appropriate, public statements on the specific characteristics of the goods made about them by the seller, the the manufacturer or his agent or representative, particularly in advertising or labeling;
not fit for use, particularly the consumer requires them and which was made known to the seller at the time of conclusion of the contract and that the seller has accepted, also implicitly.

Ensuring compliance is therefore applied to a product that has a lack of conformity, provided it is installed and used properly, in accordance with the specifications given in the technical documentation and in the installation instructions and its intended use. Are not considered defects of the compliance failure due to failure / wear of consumable components, such as transformers, regulators intensity or bulbs. In case of lack of conformity in writing: FUMAGALLI LUCIANO FUMAGALLI LAMPS OF BEATRICE, based in Italy avenue, 8-20094 - Corsico - MI, forwarding n. order and a copy of the purchase invoice and indicating the problem comprehensively. FUMAGALLI LUCIANO FUMAGALLI LAMPS OF BEATRICE will restore the conformity by replacement of components / lamps subject of non-compliance or reducing the price until the termination of the contract. Substitution of components / lamps may occur in the following ways at the discretion of FUMAGALLI LUCIANO FUMAGALLI LAMPS OF BEATRICE.

to. If the manufacturer of the lamp does not comply with a network of service centers, FUMAGALLI LUCIANO FUMAGALLI LAMPS OF BEATRICE forward permission to contact your nearest service center to the consumer for the solution of the problem. If as a result of intervention by a service center the defect does not result in a lack of compliance with the customer we will be charged any costs of verification and recovery as well as any transport costs incurred by the service center (if supported by the center itself)
b. Sending direct component to be replaced
c. Whenever necessary, return the product to assess the lack of conformity and solve the problem, the customer must send at its own expense the product in its original packaging and in packaging suitable for transport.

In this case, after receiving Return Authorization Number is required to make the lamp:

FUMAGALLI LUCIANO FUMAGALLI LAMPS OF BEATRICE, based in Italy avenue, 8-20094 - Corsico - MI

Upon verification of the problem, FUMAGALLI LUCIANO FUMAGALLI LAMPS OF BEATRICE will ship the replacement product at its own expense. If something is found that there is a lack of conformity, but an improper installation / use will indicate the costs of replacement / replacement. If the customer would prefer not to proceed with the replacement and pay the above, the lamp being returned must be picked up within 8 days. After this deadline will be notified and the lamp will be scrapped. The times needed for replacement depend on the manufacturer. FUMAGALLI LUCIANO FUMAGALLI LAMPS OF BEATRICE is in no way responsible for any delays. In the event that, for any reason FUMAGALLI LUCIANO FUMAGALLI LAMPS OF BEATRICE is unable to make its customers a product warranty (repaired or replaced) will proceed to refund the amount paid. In this case the customer will be required data needed for reimbursement. Replacements under warranty are made only in the event of payment confirmed. In the event of a dispute filed with Paypal no replacement surgery will be made before confirmation of payment. As stated in these Terms and Conditions LUCIANO FUMAGALLI LAMPADARI BEATRICE DI FUMAGALLI does not make any shipment without payment; also it does not make any warranty claim in case the payment is somehow blocked by the customer.





All shipments will be insured for the full value of the lamps shipped. Upon receipt, check for the presence and integrity of all the lamps covered by the order. Any communication faults or breakages must be notified by mail along with photographs of the damage found no later than 8 days from receipt of goods. After that time we decline all responsibility for breakages. The photographs of the lamps must be made in their original packaging. No claims will be for lamps installed. No claims are accepted without sending photographs from the damage found. Having noted the anomaly / failure is the delivery of a lamp or the damaged component in place depending on whether the problem is with the new lamp or only part of it. The lamp destroyed and their packaging must be kept for four weeks to allow the carrier to carry out the verification as it deems appropriate regarding the practice of giving. In case we need the lamp is destroyed we made, we will forward specific instructions with return authorization number to proceed to made at our expense. We do not accept liability for any breakdown or malfunction of bulbs (although included by the manufacturer) and power supplies purchased separately.



For non-conforming material it means: material different from the one ordered, by number and type material or defective or malfunctioning (which are not contained in the transport damage). Any complaints regarding non-conforming material must be submitted to info@fumagallilampadari.it no later than 8 days from receipt. After this deadline will not be liable. In case of complaints during the warranty period you must write in the manner specified in section WARRANTY. In case of cancellation of payment, does not consider the complaint. As stated in these Terms and Conditions LUCIANO FUMAGALLI LAMPADARI BEATRICE DI FUMAGALLI does not make any shipment without payment; also it does not perform any type of substitution in the case where the payment is in some way blocked by the customer. If individual complaint with PayPal, the substitution will not be made until the closing of the complaint with PayPal. In case of opening of complaint with Paypal fact FUMAGALLI LUCIANO FUMAGALLI LAMPS OF BEATRICE no payment since the funds they are blocked by Paypal.