A tradition of reliability that is renewed for three generations. The century-old experience of Luciano Fumagalli chandeliers in lighting classical proverbial guarantee of seriousness, professionalism and quality. Our products are characterized by the high content of craftsmanship that has always distinguished the company from Milan.

Founded around 1924 by Ambrogio Fumagalli, was back on its feet in 1946, after the bombing of the war, his son Luciano Fumagalli who restored it with the help of his mother and brothers, but from which it split in 1973 before building the ' current factory in Corsico, where he began to realize his unique models, which made the company famous valuable national and international, also becoming providers of certain royal families, creating unique and exclusive models, in USA some of our chandeliers are put up for auction.

Fruit of the proverbial Italian craftsmanship, the chandeliers of the old factory are all unique models made in cast brass just like centuries ago, embossed and engraved by hand as did the great masters of art in Florence, by Benvenuto Cellini to Botticelli, from Donatello Ghiberti until Verrocchio. Beautiful, famous nationally and internationally, and preferred by some royal houses, they are also created on design of the customer, manufactured exclusively from the highest quality materials and enhanced by fine cut crystal of Bohemia or embellished with crystals exclusive sound including the luxury Baccarat and Strass Swarovski, unsurpassed for brilliance and transparency. Masterpieces of high jewelery in classic and modern style, are chandeliers destined to the most refined lovers of beauty, crafted with the same love and the same wisdom of the past.

Beatrice Fumagalli

Chief Officer