Delivery times range from 2 to 15 working days from the date of receipt of payment by Luciano Fumagalli chandeliers in the case of articles available. In the case of items in stock Luciano Fumagalli Chandeliers reserves the right to change the delivery time based on the conditions in force at the time.

It transported in Italy by BRT and abroad via FEDEX.

Transportation costs Shipping costs are consulted in order for the standard, regardless of the number and the value of products purchased.

Delivery is made in a lump sum in respect of all items ordered.

Delivery is made to the address indicated in the order confirmation sent by email. Any subsequent changes are to be notified by mail before the shipment.

It 'important for transport there is provided a mobile phone number for contact and e-mail addresses. The haulier provides two delivery attempts at the address indicated Shipping.

Upon request and payment can be activated the following services:


Priority shipments require delivery by 12:00 the day following the withdrawal of about 3,000 Italian places regardless of weight, volume and number of packages for shipment with a surcharge of 30% on the total cost of shipping.


10:30 The service includes delivery by 10:30 am the next morning to retire in about 1,500 Italian places of great commercial interest. It 'a service suitable for shipments up to 250 kg. Weight and 1 mcubo volume.


AC BASIC is an insurance product with a single premium, simple and inexpensive that provides:

- Cover all risk

- Maximum limit compensable only 6.20 € / kg

- No exclusions or excess

- Goods insurable only by weight.


The cost is equal to 0.4% of the value.



If specifically requested by the customer LUCIANO FUMAGALLI LAMPADARI can activate the service for shipment tracking providing the details needed to follow step by step the shipment. This service is free.